How SnapBadge Works

This is totally a work in progress, forgive me. 


SnapBadge is a magnetic badge "reel". It has 3 components not counting the clip to hang a badge. The backing plate goes behind the garment of choice. It will grip most material and thicknesses up to a light jacket or lapel. On the front side of the fabric goes the intermediate piece. It has two "mouse holes" with the arch going up. The notches allow the pieces to be separated from their stored position by swiveling the backing plate rather than using fingernails. The backing plate and the intermediate plate will lock on wherever they are placed. Again, swivel (rather than pry) the backing plate away to remove the badge holder. 

Finally the clip part (That looks like our logo) attached magnetically to the intermediate plate and is removable by a quick tug. The badge is self aligning and can be done without looking as long as the badge is brought into proximity. 

The video attempts to show this process.