We are finally going live.

Posted by samuel matz on

The SnapBadge, the classic, as I am calling the first commercially available product has been years in the making. After hundreds of prototypes, years of trial and error, miles of wasted 3D printing filament and just a few tears, I am proud to finally offer my labor of love to the world. 

The simplicity of such a device seems so mundane. Four parts are all that make up the badge and all it's glory, but getting here has been quite the battle. From getting just the right amount of grab on fabric, to arranging the magnets so the front clip can be reversible, to encasing the magnets fully in plastic (After dozens of failed glue experiments), to tip-toeing slowly to the ideal 3D print recipe that delivers a quality finish without too much stringing, this as been an iterative process that I could not have imagined when I first got started. I think the final design is elegant, simple, and functional. And while the finish is not quite where I would like it to be, it gives an aire of individual craftsmanship to each one. I independently inspect each one and cringe at every one that I have to reject to the bin. 

I never expected such a device to be so popular. Without advertising (other than wearing the thing), word of mouth alone has spread and the demand for a more formal shop has grown. 

I could not have gotten the SnapBadge to where it is today without the encouragement of many friends. I could not be more overjoyed to be opening my first web-store and I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.