Get more for less!

Posted by samuel matz on

After a year of the online store being open I sat down and looked at the balance sheets. Shipping continues to go up with around $4 minimum per order plus transaction fees for the credit card companies and banks. I fully want anyone who is contemplating getting the SnapBadge lifestyle to be able to do so and maybe incentivizing ordering a spare or one for a friend! 

So. 2 for 1 was born. No limit (That's like 33% off!). I'm still working on discounts for bulk orders so please email me if you have a special request on a bulk discount. 

If you have ideas how SnapBadge could be better please let me know. Or if you just love the SnapBadge life I would love your feedback! 

A few things are brewing:

  • Badge Reel 2.0 is coming
  • Wood SnapBadges! 
  • A tape holder and perhaps a bigger clip to handle those larger badge loads? (It's been named the Kari Klip... just pending be born into reality)